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"Every song I have translated is well translated, the one who works on the very difficult songs with me is Dee Shipman. I know her telephone number by heart, and her fax. It goes back and forth - 'No! I don't like this word!' And she comes back and says 'Because you don't understand English!' So I have to convince her and she has to convince me, and the rapport is fantastic." 

- Charles Aznavour

(Dee Shipman / Charles Aznavour)

I just adore
A ballet chorus
In a line
Each small tutu
Is all too too
Simply divine!
It's hard to top
A Paris opera
Or pas de quat'
You can't improve
On perfect movement
Or finesse
But none the less
I must confess

I get a glow
From something lower
Down the scale
A frilly skirt
A little dirt
Some sleaze for sale
The pagan hymns
And flashing limbs
The naked thighs
That reach the skies
The splits that span
The minds of man!
I love Can-Can!

These girls are free from inhibition
They dance for pleasure and perdition
They dance to tease and to reward
For love and lust and bed and bawd!
The devil's sin
The devil's sin
The devil's in them
Praise the Lord!

Each leap and jump
And grind and bump
Wo ho and ha!
A thousand sighs
A thousand eyes
A great hurrah!
New flings are flung
The old are young
They feel once more
The fire roar
That all began
For Paris man
With the Can-Can!

Montmoartre now has a new tradition
A dance of sensual sedition
No-one gets bored at the Moulin
This is the one they'll never ban
Nothing can beat
Turn on the feet
Turn on the heat
As Can-Can can......!

Girls kick and sway
Their lingerie
Round heaven's gate
That in-between
World where men dream
They find their fate!
Low-life and Lord
Share and applaud
Its simple joys
Old men and boys
All raise their champagne
As one man
And toast can-Can!!






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