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"Every song I have translated is well translated, the one who works on the very difficult songs with me is Dee Shipman. I know her telephone number by heart, and her fax. It goes back and forth - 'No! I don't like this word!' And she comes back and says 'Because you don't understand English!' So I have to convince her and she has to convince me, and the rapport is fantastic." 

- Charles Aznavour

"This was one of the most challenging lyrics I've ever written! Because not only did it have to carry a really important part of the story of the show, and, as always, fit the music perfectly, and match as near as dammit Charles's original French lyric, but this time he'd set me even more of a challenge............

And to see exactly what it was, look again at the lyric; in particular, at the rhyme pattern. Yes, Charles had used ONE rhyme on every alternate line in the verses - throughout the whole song!!

When I mentioned this - well, more than that, praised its cleverness - I asked him if he wanted me to do the same in English, and he said , "No, don't worry about that........ you do it how you want!"

Well of course, how I wanted was for it to be, as always, as if Charles had written it in English........! And I do always love a challenge! So, I did exactly the same rhyme pattern in English as he had done in French - take another look:-
law, anymore, cure, raw, abhorred, bore, saw, draw, before, claw, floor, door, reassure, ignored, deplored, flaw, more, for.............EIGHTEEN rhymes!! Quite apart from the other rhymes on the alternate lines between! 

And when I gave it to him, once again his comment was the one word that Aznavour can make contain bells ringing and fireworks blazing the sky...

"YES!! "




(Dee Shipman / Charles Aznavour)

I broke God's Universal law
So love abandoned me to hell
I drank to not think anymore
In our misfortunes we excel!
Drink was the sickness and the cure
Sound mind and body laid to waste
My flesh and nerves ravaged and raw
All human dignity erased

Life and the looking - glass abhorred me
My shaking hands made work a farce
My mirror testimony bore
To the distorted me I saw..
'Artist seen darkly through a glass'.!

A face I'd never want to draw
A wild reflection that appalled
I shuddered at the sight before me.........
And turned the mirror to the wall

Yes I have felt fear's icy claw
Curled in my bed in abject fright
Rapacious rats have stalked my floor
Marched to attack me in the night
Until you opened up a door
My life had given up the ghost
You came to rescue, reassure
Nothing that matters has been lost

The men in white, whose eyes ignored me
Restrained me, though I screamed for help
Drunk and discarded and deplored
Drunk for the world, a fatal flaw
I drowned to resurrect myself

Finally back to life once more
Breaking the surface, coming through
To find a haven waiting for me..........
My heart has found it's home in you.....!





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