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- David Hamilton

Don't You Want To Be Famous
(Dee Shipman / Roger Webb)

Guess you must be the new kid.....................
You're one of the chosen few, kid........................
So what's the matter with you kid?

Don't you want to be famous?
Indisputably stealing the scene
Irrefutably cream of the cream
Want to be the supreme,
The best!

Don't you want to be famous?
Want each glossy review a la carte
Want an Oscar in lieu of a heart
Don't you have to outsmart 
The rest.....?

Don't you fight being no place?
Need the show place
And lights you pursue?
Aren't the heights of success overdue?
Isn't it true
No one's as good as you.......!?

Don't you want to be famous?
Head the bill in each town you appear
Won't you thrill to the sound of a cheer
Aren't you longing to hear that roar..........?

Don't you really want to land on your feet?
Be the elite?
Saying goodbye to the flops
Don't you want to be famous?
Don't you want to be tops?

Don't you want to be famous?
Want the press and the praise and applause
Want fluorescent bouquets and encores
Aren't they rightfully yours

Don't you want to be famous?
To be great and acclaimed near and far
To be feted and rated a star
Not remain as you are -

Don't you pray for that breakthrough
That'll take you away from the sticks?
For the day when you're showing those hicks
Everything clicks
You get to call the tricks!

Don't you want to be famous?
Razzmatazz and parades in the park
Want the jazz, jangle, spangle, and spark
Want to make your own mark

Aren't you basically determined to be
Right at the top of the tree?
Don't you want to be famous?
Don't you want to be - me!?



  • Original demo recording by Tony Burrows arranged and produced by Roger Webb CLICK TO LISTEN»




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