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- David Hamilton

Funny, Funny
(Dee Shipman / Roger Webb)

Funny, funny
Don't you think it's funny?
Life's ironic
What a comic 
Funny people
Funny situations
See the complications 
Love can bring

Funny, funny
Where's my sense of humour?
Little jokes accumulate sky high
One who expects love
One who rejects love
So funny 
I'll laugh till I cry....!

Funny, funny
I'm the one who's funny
Being scared 
And unprepared 
For love to grow
Funny, foolish
Obstinate and mulish
Waiting much too long 
To let you know

Funny, crazy
Clown who should have spoken
Hearts get broken 
When the joker's shy
Oh how amusing
Loving, then losing
It's so funny
I'll laugh till I cry...!

Funny, funny
Guess it's really funny
Aiming for loves target
Kind of hit or miss
Funny, stupid
Catastrophic cupid
Why create relationships like this?

Funny, corny
Punchlines don't come better
Than that meta -
- phoric custard pie
Wow what a throw!
It sure stopped the show
So funny

How deceiving
Make believing 
Love can be
Funny, tragic
Gone is all the magic
Once upon a times are not for me

What an ending!
How absurdly senseless!
Being so defenceless 
To goodbye........!
High drama thrills me......!
Comedy kills me
It's so funny
I'll laugh till I cry...............



  • Original demo recording by Tony Burrows arranged and produced by Roger Webb CLICK TO LISTEN»




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