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"I've played music on the radio by many great songwriters, but I can think of no finer lyric writer than Dee Shipman. She has a great way with words, and a highly creative mind!"  

- David Hamilton

(Dee Shipman / Roger Webb)

Damn this endless waiting Troubridge, it's putting years on me. I dreamed I'd been in England all those years ago, to see the crowds rejoice and hear the church bells ring.
They'll ring again sir...
Yes... but when?

I suppose there are men
Who know how to live in the moment
But I am not one
What I want out of life
I want now!
I cannot bear waiting
For what must be done

It's as though I am racing the hands of time
To achieve something worthy
Before I am past my prime
For I burn to be known as the hero 
In writing my story...

Yet I sit becalmed.......
Like the nation impatiently waiting.....
Ffor glory....

In my mind I see pictures of home
And long to return there
But if that could be
Within hours I'd be itching to roam
I couldn't bear waiting 
To get back to sea

Unfulfilled and frustrated
But where's the cure?
For whatever I have 
I forever want something more!

It's this need to be known
As the hero 
In telling this story

Yet I sit becalmed.....
Like the nation impatiently waiting.......
For glory....

Edmund, you're his father, you should know him... Would it really matter if Horatio never found the French?
And if Bonaparte got through to India? Yes, it would!
Bonaparte might have India, but at least I'd have my husband, and you, your son. Yet I know he sees those years waiting for a command as wasted....]

So am I a selfish man?
Am I living on pride?
Do I take every chance I can
Or forgo the tide?
Is it better
To never want anything much
Resist every siren call?
Not give in to temptations of life
Or willingly fall!?

God alone knows!
But God knows
I want it all.......!

I am not the heroic ideal
Not physically fearless
As heroes should seem
But I can't help the way that I feel
To be hailed as the hero
Was always my dream

While the stillness around me
Conceals my goal
Should I give up the fight against fate
For it's in control? 

Bide my time
And just leave it to Kismet
To fashion my story.......

As I sit becalmed........
Like the nation impatiently waiting 
For glory....!

How long exactly do you think our water supply will last?
Three days, maybe five. Sadly we have no friends in the Mediterranean Sir.
Once, when I was near these waters, I was taught a lesson I'll never forget. To know my friends...
Captain, I'd like you to take a despatch to our embassy in Naples, to be passed on to the Queen. But Troubridge, it must go via one person alone, Lady Emma Hamilton, no-one else, is that clear? Don't worry Troubridge....

I am no-one's political toy
Or biddable creature
Of intrigue and guile!
Saying yes, meaning no
As a ploy, to boost my career..
That isn't my style!

But inside there's a part of me needs acclaim
When you win a great victory
They never forget your name........!
If I die like a hero, would that make 
A more epic story?

Then to sit becalmed........
Like the nation impatiently waiting
For something a little like 

If only thing's were different between us...
Perhaps if you praised him a little more?
The whole country praises Horatio Nelson! He's satisfied enough in his knighthood, his ribbons, his medals...!
You must try to understand him Fanny. He's told me your letters are all fearfulness...
Why can't his wonderful and daring actions be left to others? Our marriage is made a torment to me. I am so alone.....!]

So am I a selfish man?
Am I living on pride?
Do I take every chance I can
Or forgo the tide?
With so much to be done
I've no times for the games
Other men may play

Just fresh water and food for my crew
And then under way......
God forgive me - 
In war
It's better to eat than pray......!

I must always be careful to hide
My desperate fears
For the lives in my hands
I have no-one in whom to confide
For everyone looks to the one in command

Yet it's fighting that I truly come alive
Is it war that I love
Or the honours if I survive.......!?

I pray history calls me a hero 
In telling my story......
As I sit becalmed.........
Not a breeze
Not a breath
Waiting for death............
Or a life
Of glory.....!

Sir, a signal is just now made that the enemy is at Aboukir Bay and moored in line of battle...
Praise all mighty god for this news.. And tell the men that by this time tomorrow I shall have either gained a peerage or a tomb in Westminster Abbey!


Steve Barton - Only For A While




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