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"Every song I have translated is well translated, the one who works on the very difficult songs with me is Dee Shipman. I know her telephone number by heart, and her fax. It goes back and forth - 'No! I don't like this word!' And she comes back and says 'Because you don't understand English!' So I have to convince her and she has to convince me, and the rapport is fantastic." 

- Charles Aznavour

(Dee Shipman / Charles Aznavour)

No-one could ever love his mother like your son 
I know youíve suffered for the man that Iíve become 
Iíve really put you through it 
Iím grateful Mother for how much you sacrificed 
Though telling you the truth will hurt and scandalise 
You, I still have to do it 

Iím very diffírent from the ordinary man 
And I am happier in brothels, rather than 
A ch‚teauís chilling splendour 
In palaces of pleasure I pay nightly court 
To welcoming young girls, dishonoured and untaught 
But warm-hearted and tender 

And Mother do you know, the funny thing is this 
They make me feel at home, and if it isnít bliss 
It sure gives that impression! 
So when the noisy crowds exhaust me and confuse 
I give myself to them to ease away the blues 
And black nights of depression 

They listen to me, never question what Iíve said 
They heal me as they draw me gently to a bed 
Their silence undemanding 
They colour with their love a heaven in my hell 
They recognise another soul who flew and fell 
With a whoreís understanding 

They sell their bodies but donít ask a cent from me 
I ask them if theyíll pose for nothing, they agree 
I sketch them when itís quiet 
Unveiling dubious delights for me alone 
The most ingenuous coquettes Iíve ever known 
Though your friends would deny it 

We may be blinded by the customs of today 
When shallow two-faced social hypocrites hold sway 
Devoid of truth or fairness 
But what I am or do is neither here nor there 
Itís only love that counts, and for the rest, I swear 
Mother I couldnít care less! 

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