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- Fay Weldon


November, 2010

Hi everyone,

I've decided to have this news message page because I thought you might be interested if I let you know when we're doing something special that you might like to become involved in...........

And the project which Paul, my New Oceans partner, and I are passionate about right now is called

The Vivaldi Reverse Diabetes Program

Now some of you , who know me just through my songwriting, may not realise that Paul and I use our New Oceans NLP Training & Coaching Academy and Centre not only for our NLP trainings, but also for its applications - Life, Business, Education, Sport, Performing & Creative Arts - and Health.

And it's in this area that we are starting the next Vivaldi 12 week - free! - program on September 1st............

NEXT OPEN EVENINGS 7:00 pm 9th DECEMBER, with a FREE Vegan Dinner Buffet,
SIGN UP NOW! Call Dee on 01462 442 955.. And it's FREE!

A program that provides both food recipes and mind recipes so that you can now be the Master Chef of your health for all four seasons of every year of your life from now on!

I have had insulin-dependent Diabetes for about 20 years; Paul was diagnosed 3 years ago. And together we have discovered some wonderful - and wonderfully effective! - ways to change this condition! And it IS about changing........ the way we think, the way we eat - and subsequently, the way our bodies work.

And work is the key word - because by living the Vivaldi lifestyle, our bodies really have started to work healthily once more!

Paul and I never train anything we haven't personally experienced....... and we KNOW this works because we're doing it, and experiencing better health every day!

So we've created the Vivaldi Program to share it, to get it out there, so that the 2.3 million people in the UK alone who currently have Diabetes can experience it as well.

So if that includes you, or anyone you know, come and join me and Paul on
December 9th at 7pm to find out more.......... and also to have a delicious buffet dinner with us! 

Just e-mail me at my contact address, or follow the link direct to our Vivaldi page to book your place. 

It will be a real pleasure for us to welcome you to The Dower House, which is now our Centre: and which used to be my home, where many of my songs were written!

You'll be able to see Petula's room, and the room David Soul used to stay in, as well as where we wrote.......... AND get started on the road to good health again!

Now how's that for an offer.....??!!

I'm really looking forward to hearing from you, and to meeting you in September!

As always

PS. And once you're on the Vivaldi, we'll be happy to have your feedback and progress reports which, if you like, we can put on a special web page which Paul is creating just for your own personal stories of what it's like to experience transforming your health and life............