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- David Hamilton

One Step At A Time
(Dee Shipman / Roger Webb)

I was always the one
Taking fun on the run
Fancy - free as could be
That was me

Used to rattle along
Used to scat every song
Chasing every new face 
That I'd see......

My favourite line was 
"Hello and goodbye"!
Easy come, easy go me.........
But now there is you
And suddenly I find 
I'd rather go slowly..........

With you I'll take it
One step at a time
With you I'll make it
One step at a time
Life was a whirl of heady flings
But you're a girl for steady things
That's why in me
There has been a 
Change of key
And demeanour

So don't race more than
One step at a time
And don't chase more than
One step at a time
A little waiting won't hurt you
Impatience isn't a virtue
Love comes
One step at a time!

If from the start 
We two should find
We're of one heart 
And of one mind
We should pay heed 
And use advice
That could well lead 
To shoes and rice......!

If we both tread just
One step at a time
And move head just
One step at a time
We'll find that special treasury
A paradise of pleasury
A lovers store for good measure
To explore at our leisure

We should proceed now
One step at a time

Follow my lead now
One step at a time

It's best to start out in small ways
The best love stories have always
Begun one step at a time 

My sole intent is to win you
So please consent to continue
What we've begun

Just one step at a time....

Why even try to beat the band?
Wait till the lights are low ered, and
They play the music slow again
We'll take the floor once more and then.................

Perchance if dancing
One step at a time
Turns to romancing
Well that will be fine

We'll skip the trite and gymnastic

We'll trip the light and fantastic

A more amore improvement

A Terrpsichorean movement

That's done one step at a time

Instead of instantly falling
Head over heart

Start out stalling..........!

And let love come.........
One step at a time.........!. 



  • Original demo recording by Tony Burrows and Sue Glover arranged and produced by Roger Webb CLICK TO LISTEN»




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