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"Dee's lyrics for Petula's music fit like a glove. They are so artistically attuned to each other that you feel a mutual lyricism and dramatic sense coming through each song." 

- Paul Bateman

Rose Petals Falling
(Dee Shipman / Rory Six)

In Springtime young birds are flying
I’ll water your rose tree
Until all the blossom blows free
And then I’ll start crying

When Summer rivers are drying
I’ll paint your rose tree
Until every colour glows free
And then I’ll start crying

For in the blinking of an eye
Rose petals will be falling
Just in the blinking of my eyes……………..

When Autumn winds begin sighing
I’ll cut down your rose tree
Leave your garden that now knows me
Before I start crying

Nobody knows how much it hurts
To see rose petals falling
How can you feel how much it hurts
To hear rose petals falling
Only the rose knows how it hurts
To feel its petals falling
For you are gone and I am here
And still rose petals falling………………



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