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"I've played music on the radio by many great songwriters, but I can think of no finer lyric writer than Dee Shipman. She has a great way with words, and a highly creative mind!"  

- David Hamilton

"We were in The Algarve on holiday, staying with our friend David Hamilton, his then girlfriend, and another couple, Alex and Kim .........sitting by the pool, listening to the radio, I heard the news - Mama Cass Elliot was dead........!

And even though I had never met her, it was like a personal shock to me........... that sweetly distinctive voice of the great Mamas And The Papas group, and later the solo hits,like Dream A Little Dream Of Me. Hers was one of the iconic sounds of the 60s and 70s.

And I was overwhelmed by the sense of sadness and waste: that having been such a huge part of helping so many people by being an anchor to when they felt good, she apparently just couldn't do that for herself............

And sitting there in the sunshine of Portugal, with Mama Cass's voice and face in my head, I started writing, describing what I was hearing; and seeing........ and feeling."




Sad Song Lady
(Dee Shipman / Roger Webb)

Sad song lady
No one understands you
Everyone demands you be 
Somebody that you’re not

Sad song lady
Lyrics for the lonely
Seem to be the only words
A sad song lady’s got

Every song you write
Is an unrequited dream you still live
Though they call for more
There is nothing more
A sad song lady has to give

Sad song lady
No one lies beside you
No love song to hide you
Until the morning light
Will this sad song lady
Melancholy lady
Make it through the solitary night

Sad song lady
No one lies beside you
Can the liquor hide you
Until the morning light
Will the sad song lady
Melancholy lady
Take enough to make eternal night
Is the sad song lady
Giving up the fight...



  • Original demo recording by Sue Glover (1974) arranged and produced by Roger Webb CLICK TO LISTEN»

  • Blossom Dearie - Chez Wahlberg Vol. 1 (1985 - Daffodil 9) CLICK TO LISTEN»

Blossom Dearie - Chez Wahlberg Vol. 1



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