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"I've played music on the radio by many great songwriters, but I can think of no finer lyric writer than Dee Shipman. She has a great way with words, and a highly creative mind!"  

- David Hamilton

We'd reached a really dramatic part of the show which was to become 'Beloved Emma'. It was the moment that Emma Hamilton and Lady Nelson, Nelson's wife Fanny, meet for the first time. The rumours of an affair between Nelson and Emma had been raging all over Europe; so when they returned to England from Naples, and a formal dinner was given to honour the returning hero, he took with him his friend Sir William Hamilton and his wife, Emma! And of course his own wife was invited with him.
So this was what is called, in the world of musical theatre, a 'golden moment' - a point in the story where the emotions are so high that words alone are not enough..... so it has to be told in song.

Now in this instance Roger and I had to decide what kind of song this should be.......... we knew from our research that the occasion, though highly charged emotionally, was still one where all the parties concerned behaved according to the etiquette of polite society! The two women didn't, for example, have a 'catfight'!

So it couldn't therefore be a big loud up tempo piece......... it would have to be a dramatic ballad. Yet there was no way these two women, wife and mistress, could sing together. So it would have to be an 'internal' number, in which they sang WITH each other, but not actually TO each other: instead it would be as if they were each singing their thoughts aloud to the audience!

So having decided that, the next question was,"What were they singing!?" 

Sitting at the table in the conservatory of Roger's house in Fulham, I went, in my head, to the theatre. I saw, on stage, the dinner party scene. And I 'stepped inside' Fanny Nelson! I could feel her tense rigidity of mind and body, the 'buttoned-up' emotions, as she looked across at Emma Hamilton. And as I 'looked' through her eyes, into my head came the words she was thinking

"How could he love HER?! He said he loved ME...... and she isn't me!"

I stepped out of Fanny Nelson, and went across to the big, blowsy yet beautiful Emma........ and I 'stepped into' her!

This was a totally different feeling.... large, and generous of body and affection, an emotional abundance. So as Emma, I looked across at Fanny Nelson......... and the most incredible thing happened - into my head came Emma's thoughts, Emma's words, as she looked at her lover's wife......... and they were exactly the same as Fanny's! 

"How could he love HER!? It's me he loves, and she isn't me!"

And then I knew I had the song's content........... so I 'stepped back' into myself, and wrote down

"How could he love her?
She isn't me.........!"

And I handed this to Roger, who always liked to start writing only when I'd come up with a couple of lyric lines, or a title, or better still, both.

He went to the piano.........and by the end of the afternoon, we had the basic melody and shape of the song, which we recorded onto a cassette........ and I went home.

And in the next couple of days, the lyric emerged, as I 'stepped into' each character on the stage; into the actors playing the roles; into Roger - was I giving him enough to work with? - into the director, the audience; and of course back and forth in and out of me, the writer............

None of this writing strategy did I consciously realise at the time! It was only years later, when I had become Paul's partner in New Oceans, and an NLP Trainer, Master Coach, and Master Coach Trainer, that Paul elicited this extraordinary mental process I had used to write that song.......... in NLP terms, I had taken, we discovered, 13 perceptual positions - 'stepped into' 13 people to perceive the situation through their senses, which became the content of the lyric!

We realised that this was a strategy I used regularly to write....... and as all any of us can do inside our heads, what we call thinking, is not random but is made up of strategies constructed from the senses, knowing how one does a process well means you can use it at will, and absolutely trust it always to work!

Equally, eliciting someone's strategy for something they are challenged by - lack of self-esteem, procrastination, Dyslexia, etc, means we can find which sensory elements are NOT working - and help them change them.......... which is called Coaching!

So this song was the very first time my two worlds came constructively - and magically for me! - together.......... 




She Isn't Me
(Dee Shipman / Roger Webb)

(Fanny Nelson):

Look how he looks at her..........!
Could it be true.............?
It canít be true.............!

How could he love her?
She isnít me!
Why canít he see the things
He told me he wants
She could never be?

(Emma Hamilton):

How could he love her?
He turns to me
Sheíll never learn to read
His heart or his mind
She will find 
Heíll always need me...........!

Heís mine


The man is mine
Since I have known him
Thatís just the way it is
Being here, being his

She has him now
But she canít own him
Someday heíll want to be 
Set free............
She isnít me!

The man is mine
And she canít own him
Someday sheíll have to set him free
She isnít me!

(Emma Hamilton):

How could he love her 
And live a lie?

(Fanny Nelson):

I live a lie......

(Emma Hamilton):

Why does she try 
To keep this man I adore?

(Fanny Nelson):

Sadly so do I....

How could I leave him?
I couldnít bear
Him not to care/He has to care
The way I hunger for the sound of his voice
Iíve no choice
I have to be there

Heís mine!

The man is mine!

(Emma Hamilton):

Could I refuse him
When he was on his own
Far from here, far from home?

(Fanny Nelson):

It isnít love
The way she used him!
Someday eventually 
Heíll see.......
She isnít me!


The man is mine
And she has used him
Someday eventually heíll see
She isnít me!

How could he love her?
Canít he see...........?
How could he want her?
Sheís not me...!

I love him so!
And she will never ever be me
The man is mine
And she has used him/Could I refuse him?
Someday eventually heíll see.........
She isnít me!

(Fanny Nelson):

Iíll be waiting as long as it takes him


The man is mine/ Iíll wait for him to see
Iím not her.!
She isnít me!
She isnít me......
She isn't me...........


  • Original recording by Dee Shipman and Sadie Nine produced by Roger Webb CLICK TO LISTENĽ

Dee Shipman - She Isn't Me



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