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"I've played music on the radio by many great songwriters, but I can think of no finer lyric writer than Dee Shipman. She has a great way with words, and a highly creative mind!"  

- David Hamilton

The Inner Team
(Dee Shipman / Wes McGhee)

You've an inner team
And they are always on your side
You don't always trust them
Yet they're truly bona fide

And they've always seen you through
And they're always there for you
They're the diff’rence
That makes the diff'rence

Ask your inner team
And they will help you work things out
Like when you've a habit
You would sooner do without

They are with you heart and soul
And without them you ain't whole
They're the diff’rence
That makes the diff’rence

They are the voices that you hear inside your head
Telling you truths that no-one out there ever said

On your inner team
Are every value and belief
Sharing all your happiness
Supporting you through grief

Always helping, when you just
Put your faith in them, and trust
In the diff’rence
That makes the diff’rence

They're your heroes and your friends
And they're with you to the end
They're the diff’rence it makes
To each step that you take
They're the diff’rence
That makes the diff’rence.


New Oceans - Songs For Change



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