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"Every song I have translated is well translated, the one who works on the very difficult songs with me is Dee Shipman. I know her telephone number by heart, and her fax. It goes back and forth - 'No! I don't like this word!' And she comes back and says 'Because you don't understand English!' So I have to convince her and she has to convince me, and the rapport is fantastic." 

- Charles Aznavour

The Mill
(Dee Shipman / Charles Aznavour)

Turning whirling wheeling mill 
Against the Paris dawn 
All a-shimmer 
Sated hearts have had their fill 
The fairground lies forlorn 
Stars grow dimmer 

Turning rolling reeling mill 
As red as blood and hate 
It elates us 
Dizzy dazing us until 
We can forget the fate 
That awaits us

While our boats and bridges burn 
And world and windmill turn 

Aloof and proud 
It turns away from the cold of light 
Then comes alive with the night 
And lifts us to heady heights 

The dazzled crowd 
A magic circle become entranced
An instant chance of romancing 
Desire and dancing 

Turning madding milling pounding 
Devil’s music swings 

Lovers driven by the roundelay 
Of scarlet wings 
Swear their souls, with 
Vows tomorrow they will find 
The windmill will unwind 

Day climbs the hilt 
The dying note of a trumpet wails 
The night absconds with its tales
The pleasure mill folds its sails 
Arms crossed and still 
It waits serene and emotionless 
As it confesses and blesses 
The town it possesses 

As the moon’s on the ascent 
The mill begins to hum 
Time defying 
As it comes to life again 

Although our years may run
‘Til all yesterdays are gone 
The mill of love spins on 

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