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"I've played music on the radio by many great songwriters, but I can think of no finer lyric writer than Dee Shipman. She has a great way with words, and a highly creative mind!"  

- David Hamilton

The Spirit
(Dee Shipman / Wes McGhee)

Possible in the world
And possible for me
Is only a matter
Of “How can I make it be?”

Everything someone does
Has positive intent
And acting “as if” helps
Us see that a thing’s well-meant

How do you do that?
How can I make it better?
How do you do that?
How can I make it better?

If I commit and persist
Can I make it mine?
Something more must exist
Somewhere down the line

All that I think and feel
All that I do or have done
It’s values, beliefs, and
The spirit that drives me on…

Desires and passions
The curious wonder
The spirit that drives me on.


New Oceans - Songs For Change



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