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"Dee's lyrics for Petula's music fit like a glove. They are so artistically attuned to each other that you feel a mutual lyricism and dramatic sense coming through each song." 

- Paul Bateman

(I Love You) Ti Amo
(Dee Shipman / Petula Clark)

To the distant edge of time
For beyond the lives we've known
There’s only one another

Are the moon and shooting stars
All the world’s a midnight stage
On velvet pages of the night
A thousand diamond fires write

I love you
Ti amo
You shine through all my days
Define the sum of all the ways
I love you
Ti amo
And when sometimes we part
Again I’ll whisper in your heart
I love you
Ti amo

All we really have is now
Yesterday has closed a door
Tomorrow’s undiscovered

Everything is very clear
And as though we’re born again
I know you’re meant to be with me
There’s only this reality

I love you
Ti amo
You sing through all my days
And bring new meaning to the phrase

I love you
Ti amo
And if we ever part
We’ll live together in my heart Forever

You and I 
Will never question how or why
Or ask how long a love can be
Just a moment or eternity?

But whether right or wrong
Together now where we belong

I love you
Je t’aime
Ti amo





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