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"I've played music on the radio by many great songwriters, but I can think of no finer lyric writer than Dee Shipman. She has a great way with words, and a highly creative mind!" 

- David Hamilton

Two People
(Dee Shipman / Roger Webb)

I'm not a fool
And as a rule
I manage my life not too badly
And often really rather well
To my surprise

But even with 
I have to confess
Somewhat sadly
To certain aspects of myself
I'm still not wise

What I mean is....
I haven't yet surmised
Why I've been dualized.............!

I'm two people
Inside one person
And two people
Almost always disagree!
What one proposes
The other one opposes
But which knows really what is best for me?

We two people 
Are just one person
In one body
Which they try to subdivide
The heart that's feeling
The head that's shocked and reeling
From living double in a single hide!

Can't live me with me
It's plain to see 
Our incompatibility!
Opposing kind
Each one inclined
To drive us both out of our mind..!
And leave behind....

Much more trouble 
'Cos when you're double
It's so 
Split so 
Head to toe-tally !

A Freudian twosome
That's paranoid and gruesome.!
That's why the only answer I can see
Is if we can stay sane 
Two people
Who are just the same
Two people
Simply must remain
Two people -

When you're someone
Who is not one one
It's a two - sided
Two - faced battle you can't win
No self direction
In me it's self - dissection!
A two life 
True life Jekyl and his twin!

Comes my intense
Where I should have equivalence..
No spot of me
Has gotten free
I'm rotten with dichotomy............!
Yet funnily........

Although sharing 
Can be so wearing
At least twin - built
I've got in - built company
With me goes gratis
Two egos
Ergo, that is
The only compensation finally.......

I know I can't explain 
Two people...
So what's in a name?
Two people.........
Simply will remain
Two people........



  • Original demo recording by Sue Glover arranged and produced by Roger Webb CLICK TO LISTEN»




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