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"Dee's lyrics for Petula's music fit like a glove. They are so artistically attuned to each other that you feel a mutual lyricism and dramatic sense coming through each song." 

- Paul Bateman

World War II
(Dee Shipman / Petula Clark)

Isn’t it funny to think 
That we all were once children...........
Looking at how 
We all finally turned out to be?

Do you remember the days
That rainbow haze
When every summer went on and on
The whole year long till Christmas?

And wasn’t it funny to think 
That one day we’d be grown ups?!
All the impossible dreams 
We knew would come true

My little sister and me
The first time we saw the sea
Believed the ocean went on and on.....
And dear old England
Would be safe and strong forever

We didn’t understand 
The whispered conversations
That would stop
When we came in the room
We didn’t know the meaning of a little word
We’d never heard before
But now heard more and more

We children loved the war!
To us it was a game
The grown ups didn’t want to see us play.....
Our playgrounds were the bomb sites all around us
Collecting bits of other peoples lives

Living in holes in the ground
Living like moles
To the sound
Of the sirens and guns
We thought it was fun!

London was in flames
Lighting up the darkness of our days
With colours and dangers!

There was no reason for counting
Each season that passed
And yet
The seasons came
Time and again
Sweet summer rain
How I loved to run and sing my heart out in the rain

And even now
I love to sing out in the rain
And every time I do 
The little girl is here again

Everyone knows 
Life is mighty like a rose
That blossoms and grows
Then goes…

And even when the winter winds and cold surround me
That little girl returns 
And puts her arms around me
And calms the storm..........
And once again I’m warm...........



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