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"I've played music on the radio by many great songwriters, but I can think of no finer lyric writer than Dee Shipman. She has a great way with words, and a highly creative mind!"  

- David Hamilton

You're My Anchor
(Dee Shipman / Wes McGhee)

When I look at you the world is mine
To live again
Every part of you is something sweet
You give again
You're the best times I have known
In your arms I'm coming home

You're my journey… You're my ship
You're my anchor

When you wear the scarf we bought the day
The snow came down
I relive once more our laughter as we
Slipped around
And our special song you sing
Takes me back to our first Spring

You're my journey.. You're my ship
You're my anchor

Your smile will always make me feel secure and warm
And in your hands I am protected from the stormy seas

You're the soul that links me to each joy
You've lived with me
You're the heart that fills my heart with love
You've given me
You can fire me to dare
You inspire like a prayer

You're my journey… You're my ship
You're my anchor

And I know each time you speak
You're the only shore I seek

You're my journey… You're my ship........
You're my anchor. 


New Oceans - Songs For Change



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